Side Tippers

Side Tippers

Roadhog Side Tipper Standard Features


  • Nylacast Oilon, Bin Pivot Bushes: Many of the features found on Roadhog Side Tipper Trailers are intended to save time on servicing.  Most side tipper trailers have steel on steel bin pivot points that should be greased every time the side tipper is used. Roadhog side tipper trailers come with Oilon pivot bushings to save you time on servicing. Another way Roadhog helps ensure reduced down time.


  • V-Bin Design: Roadhog Side Tipper bins are designed in a V shape that rests inside and below the chassis frame providing a low centre of gravity for improved stability, increasing capacity, and assures complete discharge of the loaded product when tipping.


  • Bin Centre Brace: All Roadhog Side Tipper bins are fitted with an internal centre brace to prevent outward bowing. Side tippers not fitted with centre braces are prone to outward bowing causing the tipper to exceed the legal width for road use this costing the transporter valuable time and money in downtime and preventable repairs.


  • Bin Top Side Rails: Another benefit owners have with a Roadhog Side Tipper is the heavy duty top side rails. This contributes to the bins stability, further preventing outward bowing.


  • Bolt-On Under Run Bumper: The Roadhog Side Tipper Trailer rear under run bumper is designed to exceed South Africa road safety standards.  In fact, Roadhog side trailers are some of the only side tipper trailers where the under run bumper is bolted on, thus reducing the turnaround time on accident repairs.


  • Bolt on Light Tube: Besides Roadhog Trailers Side Tippers light tube been one of the most cosmetically appealing rear light tube design in the industry. The bumper has been designed in such a way that it can be replaced within a matter of minutes with no welding required.


  • LED Lighting: Combination LED lights come as standard equipment on Roadhog Side Tippers increasing reliability, road visibility and decreasing maintenance. Studies have shown LED lights may have a slightly higher initial cost, but they last longer than incandescent lights, thus making LED lights a more cost effective option than traditional incandescent lights.

Dimensions and Specifications